About Us

What makes Rue Design Co. unique? Check out what we have to offer you!

Website Design

We take care of site design, hosting setup or transfer, domain setup or transfer and SEO structure and setup. All sites are built for succes and hosting with a premium hosting service.


We create your site to be SEO-friendly from the ground-up by using the best key words, creating a Google Analytics account and showing you how to monitor the incoming stats.


We offer monthly web management services- a la carte or retainer. These services include keeping your site up to date, creating new content and ensuring top performance.

What We Do Best

With over 7 years of experience in multiple areas of design, we have a service that suits your needs.


We are here to help you develop your brand. If you need a logo and/or branded material, we can advise you and point you in the right direction.

Web Design

We design sites that are aesthetic, responsive and SEO friendly. We design easy-to-use sites that are captivating to your current & future clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Many facets play into how well your site performs in the SEO realm. Relevancy of words, structure, images and where you place them is key.

Content Strategy

How you say it is as important as what you say. Conveying your business’ passion and goals through clear content that is SEO friendly is our specialty.

Information Architecture

How you structure your site is just as important as how you design it. We ensure the hierarchy of your site is SEO friendly & pleasing to Google.

Business Consulting

Unsure on how to set up your business design to engage clients? Let us help you create the aesthetic culture of your brand from logo to website.

Our Get it Done
Process & Workflow.


At Rue Design Co. our work ethic has a go get ’em and get it done attitude. This attitude is a kind one though, so in addition to hard work and great design, you will always be treated with kindness and respect by our team. We value our clients and aim to create sites that make you as excited as your users will feel when they experience your new site.

Project Research

Research starts once you provide your project goals, details and timeline. We will check out your brand and research its industry and iron out details with you on where you’re headed.

Proposal & Quote

 A proposal will be created just for you. Since no two sites are the same, neither will a quote be once size fits all. Upon agreement, a quote will be produced for you to sign so we can get started.

Design & Layout

We will lay your site out and structure it based on info provided by you. Along the way you will get 3 proofs to ensure you like where we’re going with the layout and design.

Integration & Setup

Once we have designed your site and it’s ready to go live, we will connect your domain and setup your hosting. Once all connections are made your site is complete & ready to show off!

Let’s Work Together

How can Rue Design Co. help your business/organization look good, communicate effectively and convey success? We would love to hear about your passion and where you are going with it. Drop us a few lines and we will review your project details and provide a quote in 2-4 business days.*

*Quote may take longer if clear details are not provided for your project and a followup request is needed.