Full Service Web Design Agency

At Rue Design Company LLC, we create website that are seamless, timeless and responsive on all devices. If you are looking for a website to convey your passion with professionalism and engaging content, you have come to the right place.

Our Services

At Rue Design Co., we offer more than just website design. We create websites, redesign websites, manage websites and pretty much work on any site on any platform. You need a new site that’s structured for SEO? Your current site need a face lift? Your site need cleaning up and sprucing? You need someone to provide monthly update or content creation services? Done.

Website Design

We take care of site design, hosting setup or transfer, domain setup or transfer and SEO structure and setup. All sites are built for success and hosted with a premium hosting service.

Content Writing

What you put on your site is as important as how you build it. What’s a great design if you don’t convey your business or organization’s goals or products successfully?


They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. With professional photos we can make those words create success for your business or organization. Let’s make your mission crystal clear.

SEO Centered Websites

Your website’s success starts from the moment we start creating your site. Things like page layout, site structure, tone and content play integral roles to ensure your site is structured for good SEO. After integrating all these things in your site, setting up a monitoring and analysis program like Google Analytics will help you continually improve your website. We can set that up for you too.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

Let us not forget the tablet users. Like mobile, tablets require your site to be created responsively for it to capture your audience and keep them reading. In addition to all sites being amazing on desktop and mobile, tablets are included in this wow-factor for your readers. No more dragging webpages or zooming in on photos. 

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

In a world where more than half of your website viewers will likely be viewing your site on a mobile device, it is essential that your site not only work well on mobile, but be created to excel on the mobile platform. The responsiveness of your website may make or break whether or not your lead is captured, sale is made or mission is conveyed. Don’t risk something so important- let us make your site mobile!

Our Get It Done
Process & Workflow.

At Rue Design Co. our work ethic has a go get ’em and get it done attitude. This attitude is a kind one though, so in addition to hard work and great design, you will always be treated with kindness and respect by our team. We value our clients and aim to create sites that make you as excited as your users will feel when they experience your new site.

Project Research

Research starts once you provide your project goals, details and timeline. We will check out your brand and research its industry and iron out details with you on where you’re headed.

Proposal & Quote

A proposal will be created just for you. Since no two sites are the same, neither will a quote be once size fits all. Upon agreement, a quote will be produced for you to sign so we can get started.

Design & Layout

We will lay your site out and structure it based on info provided by you. Along the way you will get 3 proofs to ensure you like where we’re going with the layout and design.

Integration & Setup

Once we have designed your site and it’s ready to go live, we will connect your domain and setup your hosting. Once all connections are made your site is complete & ready to show off!

Let’s Work Together

How can Rue Design Co. help your business/organization look good, communicate effectively and convey success? We would love to hear about your passion and where you are going with it. Drop us a few lines and we will review your project details and provide a quote in 2-4 business days.*

*Quote may take longer if clear details are not provided for your project and a followup request is needed.