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Here at RDC, we know Non-Profits can be on a tighter budget than conventional clients. We offer a few incentives for Non-Profits to build their sites with us. Take a look at what we have to offer you, and click the button below to request a quote.

Did you know Google has free products for non-profits? Eligible non-profits can receive up to $10,000/month in Google AdWords credit  and Google Suite products (email addresses & more). Have no idea where to begin? No problem! We can set all this up for you.

YouTube also offers their own suite of free products to non-profit users. Again, eligible non-profits receive free services if they can prove eligibility. We can set all this up for you too. No sweat!

You may not think as a non-profit that SEO and rank are necessary for non-profits. But as a non-profit, you want to serve the local community by getting your programs and services in front of the public, as well as receive donations to continue operating. The best way to do this is to have great SEO that puts you in front of the right audiences – both those needing your assistance and those who can provide financial support. 

If financial assistance is needed, RDC offers the ability to set up a payment plan for your website. This would break up your total cost into monthly payments (with interest) for up to a year or 3 even installments (with no interest). Any other considerations to payment breakdown can be discussed at initial consultation before quote is provided.

Premium Hosting

Our sites are hosted with MadeSimply, a premium host providing fast speeds, ample space and essentially no down time. Many small businesses are hosted on crowded webservers. When one site on the server gains a lot of attention, their site can crash and so can yours. That’s why you need a server with your own space with little to no chance of crashing. Our servers provide that space and speed you need. 

Training & Support

Every site comes with 1 hour training upon site hand off. Monthly support plans are available by request. Prices available by quote.

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How can Rue Design Co. help your business/organization look good, communicate effectively and convey success? We would love to hear about your passion and where you are going with it. Drop us a few lines and we will review your project details and provide a quote in 2-4 business days.*

*Quote may take longer if clear details are not provided for your project and a followup request is needed.

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